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The radiology department provides a way for your doctor to literally see what is happening inside you. Using a variety of test, radiologist provide images of your body's bones, organs, tissues and systems. Alliance's radiologists are highly trained, board-certified physicians, specializing in diagnosing and treating disease and injury.

Skilled in interpreting sophisticated test results, they are on the cutting edge of evolving imaging technology. Alliance Hospital’s team of board-certified radiologists offers services that range from X-ray and fluoroscopy tests to CT scans, MRIs and mammograms – making it easy for you to get the care you need close to home. As a result we can produce quick, high-quality diagnostic tests and reduce your exposure to radiation.

        Radiology at Alliance Hospital offers:
          Diagnostic radiography
          Computed Tomography
          Nuclear Medicine
          Women’s Imaging
           Trauma Radiology
           Interventional Neuroradiology
           Vascular Interventional Radiology


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